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Eternal Fury-EU Maintenance on 10/26 @ 04:30 AM Server Time

Time: 10/26/2023 04:30 a.m (Server Time)

Duration: 3 Hours

Affected Server(s): All servers


1. Added world sandbox map and idle mining functions.

2. Added guild city capture, Merit quests, research and development of siege/defense equipment, and other functions.

3. Removed the Airship, and players can directly visit the first continent and the second continent.

4. Removed the Territory, the Territory Siege and the Empire Siege features; all the related items will be removed and players will receive compensation after the update.

5. Added Guild Hegemony, king war season ranking.

6. Optimized VIP daily rewards and cross-server battlefield treasure chest rewards.

7. Added cross-server chat and text translation functions.

8. Removed the online mining function.

9. Halloween.

10. Candy War.

11. New Mount - Three-Heads.

12. New Wings - Evil Cloak.